Voom Standard Offroad CarPuter (12/24V)

Voom PC is your ideal under the seat or trunk CarPuter (Car Computer).
The Voom PC automotive (car, boat, electric cart) enclosure is a small, rugged CarPuter (Car Computer) enclosure designed to work in harsh enviroments such as dust and high temperatures. Made our of massive 5.5mm extruded aluminum profile, the voomPC CarPuter (Car Computer) encloure was designed to work with any type of mini-ITX motherboard (170x170mm) from fanless configurations such as VIA mini-ITX or Pentium or low power Pentium-M processors, making it the ideal CarPuter (Car Computer) solution.

The Voom CarPuter (Car Computer) enclosure can take one 2.5″ hardrives.
Dimensions : 210(W)x254(L)x56(H)mm
Installation Tutorial : Support / Manuals

Standard configuration includes:
Voom CarPuter (Car Computer) enclosure (with display power connector)
M2-ATX-HV 140Watt Automotive power supply (for 12V/24-car/truck-batteries)
Intel D945GCLF ITX Mainboard with 1.6Ghz CPU
– Adapter (P4-Kabel)
– 2.5“ Automotive + Extented Duty (24h/7d) HDD 40GB + Adapter
– Sony GA-4 USB GPS receiver
– Display-connector cable „All-In-One“ (Length: 2.5 meters)
– Windows XP Home (pre-installed)
8.4“ Display CTF840-S (VGA/Video, Touchscreen USB, Speakers, Sunlight-Readable)

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