6.5 Inch Double DIN VGA TouchScreen Display

Love the idea of installing a CarPC but want to keep the Factory look of your new or leased vehicle? THIS IS IT! This Double DIN VGA Touch-Screen is a perfect solution for CarPuters (Car Computers) with a Double DIN opening. It features a unique SUNLIGHT READABLE 6.5″ SHARP panel for producing those rich, crisp colors and images that are coming out of your CarPuter (Car Computer) via VGA. A built-in USB Touch-Screen solution provides you with precise, touch-sensitive controls of your CarPuter (Car Computer) software. It also features two video inputs and a reverse-camera input.


  • Sunlight Readable 6.5″ SHARP Panel
  • 500Nits+ Brightness
  • Native Resolution 800 x 480
  • 24Bit Color Depth
  • USB 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen
  • Built-In AM/FM Tuner
  • VGA Input
  • Two (2) AV Inputs
  • Built-In Four (4) Channel Amplifier
  • Built-In Front Panel Microphone
  • Built-In Front Panel USB 2.0 Port
  • Rear-View Camera Support

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6.5 Inch Double DIN VGA Touch-Screen Car PC Monitor

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