Mitac Mini-ITX Carputer Mainboards DN2800MT, D2500CC, D2500HN, D2550MUD2

Intel will stop offering mainboards in 2014. But with CarTFT’s new partnership with Mitac, an OEM/ODM manufacturer for Intel, we will be able to continue offering the popular Atom based models DN2800MT, D2500CC-E, D2550MUD2 and D2500HN until at least 2015. These replacement models are identica to the Intel models (even BIOS compatible) enabling a direct replacment.

For more details and configurations of these mainboards, please visit:

Mitac PD10TI (Intel D2550MUD2) (Intel Atom 2x 1.86Ghz CPU, TPM, DVI) [FANLESS]
Mitac PD11TI (Intel DN2800MT) Half-Height (Intel Atom 2×1.86Ghz CPU, 10-19VDC) [FANLESS]
Mitac PD12TI (Intel D2500CC-E) (Intel Atom 2x 1.86Ghz CPU, 2x LAN, 4x RS232) [FANLESS]
Mitac PD14TI (Intel D2500HN) (Intel Atom 2x 1.86Ghz CPU) [FANLESS]

Mitac Mini-ITX Carputer Mainboards DN2800MT / D2500CC / D2550MUD2 / D2500HN

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