MarinePC-6000 (Intel Atom D2550, IEC60945 Maritime certified)

The MarinePC-6000 small computer system barebone migth be the perfect one for marine applications on your boat or yacht for GPS navigation or for other purposes depending on your needs. The system is IEC60945 Maritime certified, is water-resistant and can be connected directly to the vehicle battery (12V/24V). All you need is to fit it with RAM (DDR3), storage (HDD or SSD) and a water-resistant touchscreen display like this one.

This mini PC was especially designed for marine applications (IEC60945 Maritime certified).  The mini computer is completely fanless and is equipped with an Intel Atom D2550 (2 x 1.86Ghz) CPU and 2 GB RAM.

Main features:
– Fanless !
– Intel Atom D2550 2 x 1.86Ghz CPU
– 2 x RS232
– 2 x Gigabit LAN
– Watchdog
– Prepared for GPS, WLAN, GSM/GPRS with external antennas
– 4 x Digital I/O
– IEC60945 Maritime Certified

For more details about this Marine-PC (IEC60945 Maritime certified), please visit:

MarinePC-6000 (Intel Atom D2550 2×1.86Ghz, 2GB RAM, 9-36V PSU) [FANLESS]

MarinePC-6000 (Intel Atom D2550, IEC60945 Maritime certified)

Maritime computing and navigation applications

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