Introduction to CarPuters

Introduction to CarPuters

CarPuter = Car Computer = Computer for the car = Automotive Computer

What is a CarPuter? In principle a car computer is nothing else than the PC you have sitting on your desktop at home. Maybe a bit more compact, needs lesser power and has some partially customized components. But below the line, a CarPuter (Car Computer) is a fully-fledged PC, as you know it all.

Multimedia Features

carputer multimedia screenshotBecause of the open and many-sided PC-platform, every format and multimeda-based content is open for your viewing:

  • Video (DVD, Divx, XVid, …)
  • Music (MP3)
  • TV (DVB-T)

GPS Navigation

carputer gps navigon screenshotTodays CarPuters (Car Computers) are reflecting state-of-the-art features, when it goes into navigation! And because the maps are saved on the harddisk, you do not have to reload. Navigate in “one piece” from Berlin to Lissabon!

  • Easy, speech-based navigation
  • TMC-support (dynamic routing around traffic jams)
  • Map support for the whole world

Internet Browsing

carputer internet browsing screenshotWith a CarPuter (Car Computer) going online is easy, flexible and affordable. And this is also possible in your accustomed Explorer/Outlook-environment.

  • Bluetooth interface to the cell phone
  • WiFi Wireless LAN (free Hotspots!) connectivity
  • Cellular HSDPA / 3G / GRPS / UMTS connectivity

Office Productivity

carputer office productivity screenshotWith a CarPuter (Car Computer), your office is always around you. EVERY PC-compatible programs can be used! The data synchronization can be handled comfortable by USB, WLAN, DVD, etc.

  • Electronical GPS-based drivers log
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Open Platform

A CarPuter (Car Computer) is a REAL PC! And of course you have all the familar interfaces like USB, Firewire, Printer, External Display, HDMI, COM, etc..

  • Any compatible software can be installed and customized
  • Memory, Harddrive, CPU… are upgradable
  • Take other or additional TFT Displays

carputer in lamborghini install example


Last but not least, a CarPuter (Car Computer) means Lifestyle. Do not allow anyone to dictate you what to use in your car. Create your mobile system as YOU want it!

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