RevoSys Car Computer (Carputer) Applications

RevoSys Car Computer (Carputer) Applications

Taxi Services and Fleet Deployment

Taxi Services and Fleet DeploymentIn taxi cabs, our RevoSys Carputers can be used for many purposes for both the driver and the fare. In such an environment, the flexability and freedom of our product opens up many new doors for productivity and on-the-fly information.

For Drivers – The most important aspect of their service is to get people to their destinations in as little time as possible. What better way is there to increase driving efficiency than to have a device that can give them both the shortest/fastest routes to their destination if they are in an unfamiliar area as well as traffic reports via wireless internet access to estimate delays and know which routes to avoid.

Other uses for the wireless connectivity include web based communication with the taxi dispatcher backed by GPS for location tracking. Real-time event notification provides drivers with an extra edge on finding fares in event-crowded areas.

For Fares – The RevoSys Carputers have a plethora of uses in a mobile environment. As an information source alone, a computer is key in any situation. This is proven by the fact that businesses all over the world rely on computers to do research, collect data, and increase productivity on all levels. When you step into a taxi, you could be coming from any circumstance. For example, you could have just got off a plane on a business trip in a location that you may be familiar with, and you want to know where the nearest hotel or point of interest is.

With wireless internet connectivity, you can find just what you need in a matter of seconds by pressing a few on-screen buttons. The same invaluable capabilities apply to restaurants, clubs, and other forms of dining and entertainment that you may be seeking. The ability to use the touch screen and an optional wireless keyboard make using this product as simple as getting into the taxi itself. Another important use for our product is for traffic reports to aid the traveling businessman in time management. If you are about to run into a traffic jam, you may want to let your associates know if you’re going to be late.

Police/Emergency Services and Fleet Deployment

Our RevoSys Carputers are completely versatile car based computer systems that are ideal for police, law enforcement and emergency vehicle installations which require an affordable, durable, and reliable computer solutions.

Police/Emergency Services and Fleet Deployment

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) for vehicle/unit tracking
  • Compact size for installation into virtually any vehicle
  • Wireless Internet access via cellular network for use as a mobile data terminal
  • Instant communication with other Police/Emergency Units
  • USB and Firewire ports for connection of DVR equipment
  • Flexible integration of surveillance camera video recording equipment

The RevoSys Carputers are constructed out of rugged enclosures for durability. Unlike notebooks, the carputer is a permanent in-vehicle solution that eliminates many of the current problems with associated with notebooks in vehicular environments:

  • NO bulky size
  • NO need to recharge
  • NOT overpriced
  • NO obstrusive mounting equipment
  • EASY servicability/repairs

The design of the RevoSys Carputers are an ideal vehicle solution to today’s obstrusive and bulky notebooks. Unlike notebook computers, the these carputers do not require any obstrusive and complicated mounting equipment.

These CarPC systems can be easily mounted within common law enforcement vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Intrepid and many more. The installation and mounting of our hardware is simple and straightforward; there are no hidden surprises.

Ideal mounting locations of some of our CarPC systems would be any compartments such as the trunk, under the seat, or even a large glove box. Using these locations provides easy access to the system for quick and painless servicing or upgrading of hardware and/or software.

These carputers are the ideal solution for law enforcement and emergency vehicle services. Based on the Windows XP operating system, the user has a virtually endless variety of software that can be incorporated to use in emergency and law enforcement vehicles.

If such a system can help law enforcement and emergency personnel save lives, can you really afford to not use it?

Limo Computer and Livery Services

Limo Computer and Livery ServicesQ : What is important to your customers?
A : The most important aspect of your service is to get people to their destinations as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

What better way is there to increase driving efficiency than to have a device that can give drivers both the shortest/fastest routes to their destination and provide real-time traffic updates via wireless internet access to estimate delays and calculate which routes to avoid. Delivering quality service with help from your in-vehicle Mobillo PC can make the difference between losing your business or gaining valuable residual clients. Gain the extra edge amongst your competition:

  • Real-time event notification
  • GPS tracking
  • Web based communication with central office
  • Video conferencing on-the-go
  • Ability to finalize any spreadsheets, documents and last-mninute notes
  • Seminar or meeting briefing and updates while in transit

With a RevoSys Carputer, you can substantially increase your service offerings to your clients:

  • Email access
  • Stocks and headline news
  • Hotel & point-of-interest search
  • Local Restaurants and Booking Information
  • Local attractions & tourist hotspots

Generate advertising revenue while providing your clients with an increased level of service:

  • Feed relevant, local advertising to your clients
  • Generate advertising revenue from local hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies and more

The best of both worlds: offer your clients a unique and valuable level of service while generating revenue for your company via local advertisers.

Transport Vehicle PC / Truck Computer

Transport Vehicle PC / Truck ComputerCommercial vehicle transportation services are ideal for utilizing the RevoSys Carputers to increase scalability, tracking and efficiency.

The truck carputer is a completely versatile truck based computer system that is ideal for installation into transport trucks and commercial service vehicles that require a powerful, rugged, and affordable vehicle mounted PC. A RevoSys Carputer allows for a perfect mobile data terminal solution for nearly any truck pc or mobile service vehicle computer installation.

It is a perfect alternative to rugged laptop computer systems such as the Toughbook which are bulky, obtrusive and overpriced for these applications. In addition, these notebook computers require special vehicle mounts to affix them in the vehicle. These vehicle computers can easily be mounted into any transport truck, service van or commercial truck.

Our in truck computer platform is a modular solution making it easy to mount and operate in a harsh truck environment. The LCD display which is mounted on or in front of the dash is completely separate from the truck computer, which is mounted in the rear or under a seat. This modular system not only makes mounting easier but also increases serviceability in the case that any component should fail or need to be upgraded.

A RevoSys Vehicle PC is a rugged all aluminum design, which features an integrated mobile hard drive, fast processor, Windows XP operating system and an optional GSM card. The addition of one of these cards to the system will give truck drivers the ability to remotely connect via the internet or e-mail to the dispatch office and any other trucking technology resources that the department might be using.

A computer installed in the truck will give you the ability to have two way data communication with the driver, track the vehicle using GPS tracking (fleet management) and even give the driver access to important resources such as GPS mapping which includes points of interest specific to truck drivers and service fleets (restaurants, hotels, gas pumps etc.).

A RevoSys Vehicle PC mounted in a transport truck or service vehicle equipped with the right options, will be a more powerful and more affordable solution than most alternatives on the market. For example, a regular Pansonic Toughbook can cost upwards of $4000 USD whereas an equivalent Vehicle PC might cost between $1500-$2200 USD. Using this Vehicle PC as a mobile data terminal will provide significant savings when you take into account the number of trucks in the fleet need to be outfitted.

If you are in transportation logistics or a mobile service industry and have any questions about the products and services offers please feel free to contact us.

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