Xenarc iMobile™ Lite In-Car Computing Software Solution

Xenarc iMobile™ Lite In-Car Computing Software Solution

In-Car computing takes in-vehicle entertainment to the next level.  This is why we are offering the iMobile software to make in-car computing a new experience for you.  You are no longer stuck with a proprietary black box that is not upgradeable and only capable of what it is designed for.  With iMobile, the sky is the limit.  You can use iMobile for DVD playback, Digital Movie Jukebox (upload your favorite DVD movies into the system’s hard drive), MP3 Music Jukebox (say goodbye to the CD-Changer that you haven’t touched in months), Multi-User Gaming* (allow your passenger to play multi-user games with his/her friends in another car though Wifi), GPS Navigation System* (select from 2-D, 3-D, or Bird’s Eyes’ View), Satellite radio* (listen to your favorite commercial free stations), Wireless Internet* (Need instant movie time, stock quotes, or sports scores?), and much more!  Use this iMobile Software with our touchscreen monitors will make access to these applications as easy as a simple touch on the screen. The future has arrived and let Xenarc help you with all your In-Car computing needs.

*Requires optional software and/or hardware devices.  Contact one of the Xenarc representatives if you need help selecting the right software / hardware for your application.

iMobile Lite Edition

Entertainment and control at your fingertips. Experience movies, live news, sports and business information anywhere your go with clear digital sound and picture! It begins here with integrated satellite radio control, digital media player, vehicle control and more!


  • Satellite Radio Controls – Enjoy over 120 channels of digital audio, mostly commercial-free. Requires an active subscription to XM Satellite Radio services.
  • Digital Media Player – Play digital audio and video from your home pc or organizer in your vehicle. Create playlists that will last you from Cancun to Quebec!
  • Integrated DVD Player – That movie for your kids, the instructional video for your employees, or simply that action flick you missed now available to you on the go.


  • Vehicle Control – The optional EIM module allows on-screen control of up to 6 user-assignable vehicle features. ( Professional installation recommended )


  • Web Browser – An full-featured web browser with integrated favorites organizer, dial up manager, and pop-up blocker!


  • Application Launcher – Without any programming knowledge and just a few clicks you can instantly create buttons to your own applications.

Other Standard features

  • Day / Night Mode – Automatically changes color schemes and graphics for high-contrast daytime and low-glare night modes with headlight controls.*
  • Automatic Safety Locking – Automatically locks doors when driving and after dropping off a passenger.*
  • Large Format Calculator – From Tolls and Miles Per Gallon to mortgage rates calculate on the go!
  • On-Screen Keyboard – For easy data entry. System Volume Controls

*Requires optional EIM Module

Click here to read more about iMobile Lite Edition at XenarcDirect

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