Xenarc iMobile™ Executive Edition In-Car Computing Software Solution

Xenarc iMobile™ Executive Edition In-Car Computing Software Solution

In-Car computing takes in-vehicle entertainment to the next level.  This is why we are offering the iMobile software to make in-car computing a new experience for you.  You are no longer stuck with a proprietary black box that is not upgradeable and only capable of what it is designed for.  With iMobile, the sky is the limit.  You can use iMobile for DVD playback, Digital Movie Jukebox (upload your favorite DVD movies into the system’s hard drive), MP3 Music Jukebox (say goodbye to the CD-Changer that you haven’t touched in months), Multi-User Gaming* (allow your passenger to play multi-user games with his/her friends in another car though Wifi), GPS Navigation System* (select from 2-D, 3-D, or Bird’s Eyes’ View), Satellite radio* (listen to your favorite commercial free stations), Wireless Internet* (Need instant movie time, stock quotes, or sports scores?), and much more!  Use this iMobile Software with our touchscreen monitors will make access to these applications as easy as a simple touch on the screen. The future has arrived and let Xenarc help you with all your In-Car computing needs.

*Requires optional software and/or hardware devices.  Contact one of the Xenarc representatives if you need help selecting the right software / hardware for your application.

iMobile Executive Edition

Your office in your dashboard Ever wanted complete access to your office contacts, and schedules when you’re out of the office? This is the package for you….your mobile office on the go, keeping pace with your business lifestyle. A single environment providing you with integrated organizer and scheduler with mobile device sync ability, a mobile media center incorporating features normally expected from a home system, and web connectivity. Imagine your office in your dashboard!

Includes all features of iMobile Lite plus…


  • Professional grade navigation system available for the first time on a PC platform. Remember that unsure feeling when you’re about to head out to a new destination? iMobile eliminates that altogether! Once only available on premium vehicles and aftermarket solutions, iMobile’s navigation solution includes
    • Turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts. A clear voice will give you forewarning of the next series of moves required to get you to your destination.
    • Points-of-interest (POI). Need gas? Need an ATM? Your local iMobile dealer? No Problem! iMobile will instantly highlight nearby Point-of-Interest and guide you there seamlessly.
    • Dead reckoning capabilities for unparalleled accuracy. This technology allows the system to continue to deliver guidance even if you lose GPS reception in tunnels or urban areas (FUTURE RELEASE).
    • The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) for early warnings to reroute around traffic jams, accidents and construction sites(FUTURE RELEASE).

Personal Digital Assistant

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your car could remind you of important meetings, dates, addresses and phone numbers?
    • Fully-Integrated Scheduler and Address Book. Yes, that’s right with a click of a button all your personal and business contacts become instant Points-of-Interest on the map so you can navigate to them with just one-click!
    • Scheduled reminders and event alarms. Forget to walk the dog? Pick up the kids? Not with our system. iMobile Executive will keep you inline by reminding you beforehand. Just be careful….this may change your reputation!
    • Synchronizes with Palms and Pocket PC. Dock it – Sync it. It’s that easy to import all your contacts, memos, calendar events right from your PDA / organizer to your system.

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