CarTFT iCT Freeware CarPuter Touchscreen Desktop Interface

CarTFT iCT Freeware CarPuter Touchscreen Desktop Interface

CarTFT iCT (in-Car Terminal) is a freeware CarPuter (Car Computer) touchscreen desktop interface for all Car Computer enthusiasts and will integrate all your programs into one unity which is easy to control by touchscreen. For up-to-date information click on the banner below.


  • Search feature for media files
  • mobile phone support via PhoneControl.NET
  • FM radio support via Radiator [e.g. Hauppauge USB TV/FM RDS]
  • CarPuter (Car Computer) Desktop optimized for Touchscreen-Usage
  • Multilingual
  • Skinable (Free Skin-Editor available above)
  • Day/Night Mode (manual or automatic)
  • Navigation software like Travelbook, NaviPC, Navigon,… can be attached to the Touchscreen Desktop (2 different quickbars possible)
  • Integrated OnScreen-Keyboard
  • Image Viewer with slideshow-functionality
  • Auto-Resume for Musick
  • Easy to control playlist functions
  • Integraded DVD-Player Interface

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/ME , Windows MediaPlayer (Version 9 and up) [click here to download]
  • For DVD-Playback DirectX (Version 8 and up) and a Hard- or Software DVD-Decoder are required
  • min. 128 MB RAM
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