VIA In-vehicle Solutions

VIA In-vehicle Solutions

VIA offers versatile industrial computer systems and board-level platforms that provide an excellent solution for in-vehicle implementations including commercial fleets, vans, buses, trucks and marine vessels, all of which require a highly reliable, vibration and shock-resistant device.

VIA in-vehicle hardware platforms couple a rugged design with features that include a range of rich multimedia playback options, fully optimized power-efficient processor platforms and a wealth of compatible wireless networking capabilities. These platforms also provide expansion options including USB 2.0 and serial ports which allow connections to additional devices such as camera, wireless communication devices, GPS receivers, swipe card readers and more.

With VIA in-vehicle solutions, vehicles can be empowered with navigation, tracking, data capture, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), and high speed GPRS/3Gpp Internet access abilities.

System products for this application
ARTiGO A1000 AMOS-3000 ARTiGO A1000 AMOS-3000
ARTiGO A1000 AMOS-3000 AMOS-5430 ART-5450
  • Mini PC
  • VIA C7
  • Pico-ITX EPIA-P700 board inside
  • World’s smallest box computer
  • VIA Nano E
  • Optional GPS & BT & WLAN
  • Fleet management embedded system
  • VIA Nano
  • 2 Mini PCIe; 1 SIM slot
  • AMOS-3000
    VIPRO VP7710
  • 10.4″
  • IP65 front panel
  • Board products for this application
    EPIA-P700 IVP-7500 IVP-7500 EITX-3000
    EPIA-P700 EPIA-P710
    (with P710-D)
    IVP-7500 EITX-3000
    (with EMIO-3430)
  • Pico-ITX
  • VIA C7/Eden ULV
  • 1 DVI/VGA, 1 COM, 1 GigaLAN or 1 10/100 LAN
  • Pico-ITXe
  • VIA Eden ULV
  • GPS, 3G/GPRS/GSM support
  • 18.6 cm x 11.4 cm
  • Eden ULV
  • GPS, BT support
  • Em-ITX
  • VIA Nano E
  • Optional GPS & BT
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