Fanless 5x Gigabit Multi-WAN Router

Fanless 5x Gigabit Multi-WAN Router

CTFROUTER is a complete, pre-installed, ready-to-go Multi-WAN router with many features.

The particular strengths are in the comfortable operation via a web interface (multilingual), the extensive functionality with even server functions (mail, Groupware, SQL,…) and especially in the support of up to 5x WAN inputs (eg. DSL, cable modem ,…).

Software (ClearOS):

– Open-Source
– Multi-WAN (Kabel, DSL,…)
– 5x Gigabit LAN for free configuration as WAN or LAN ports
– 350/550Mbit NAT performance
– VPN (PPTP, Ipsec, OpenVPN)
– WLAN Access Point (802.11 b/g)
– DMZ, 1-to-1 NAT
– Stateful Firewall
– DHCP / DNS Server
– Console- (VGA) + Web-GUI multi-language (20 languages)
– SSH access
– Gateway Filter (Antimalware, Antispam, Intrusion Detection,…)
– Content Filter, Access Control
– Web Proxy
– Dynamic DNS
– Many Server functions (Windows Networking with PDC Support , groupware, Mail Server, MySQL, WebServer, etc…)

CTFROUTER is available in 4 versions:

CTFROUTER-1 with 550 Mbit NAT performance
CTFROUTER-1-F with 550 Mbit NAT performance [Fanless]
CTFROUTER-2 with 350 Mbit NAT performance
CTFROUTER-2-F with 350 Mbit NAT performance [Fanless]


Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Jetway JNC9C-550-L) enclosure
picoPSU-80 DC/DC (80 Watts)
AC adapter (12V, 60W)
Jetway JNC9C-550-L ITX mainboard (with integrated Atom 2×1.5Ghz CPU, 2x Realtek-Gigabit LAN)
2.5″ HDD 40GB SATA
Jetway ADD-ON 3x GigaLAN (Intel Chips)
Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express [Atheros AR9280 chipset] (300 Mbit, with antenna)

Note : In current version the WLAN card can not be configured as an access point. But this will become possible with the new software version ClearOS 6.0, which will be released in Q1/2011. You can easily upgrade your router then. Until that time you eg. can connect a simple WLAN access point to the router to enable WLAN in your network.

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