[UPDATE] CTFDINPC-2 now with CAN-BUS, 2x Mini-PCIe, Intel Atom CPU and 2GB RAM

[UPDATE] CTFDINPC-2 now with CAN-BUS, 2x Mini-PCIe, Intel Atom CPU and 2GB RAM

The Double-DIN Car-PC CTFDINPC-2 now is available with updated revision with these changes: CAN-BUS, 2x Mini-PCIe slot, SIM card slot, 2GB RAM, Intel Atom N270 CPU
Many functions and features
The barebone is equipped with an Intel Atom CPU and 2GB RAM. The 6.95″ Touchscreen display enables comfortable control, the integrated Bluetooth receiver enables telephony using your cell phone. Several USB-connectors and a SD-card reader offer additional interfaces. The device has an integrated AM/FM Radio-receiver and the 4x35W amplifier enables sound output to car speakers.

Perfect for mobile environment
The customized BIOS enables cold start to Windows XP Pro within only a few seconds (even faster from Stand-By). By connecting to ignition-plus-control line of your car the system will start and shutdown automatically. Additional displays, eg. for rear seats, can be connected to the seperate VGA output.

Features :
– Intel Atom CPU, 2GB RAM
– 6.95″ Touchscreen display with LED backlight
– AM/FM Radio
– Amplifier (4x 35W) for direct connection to car speakers
– Bluetooth integrated (only for telephony)
– USB, SD-Reader in front
– Starts/Stops automatically based on ignition plus
– Fast Boot
– VGA-connector for additional displays
– 2x free internal Mini-PCIe slot
– DVD Slot-In drive
– SIM Card Slot (You need a 3G-Mini-PCIe-modem in addition!)

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