New Carputer Products – May 2012

New Carputer Products – May 2012

Intel Mini-ITX mainboards DH77DF and S1200KP

Mitac Ulmo 7, Ruggedized High-End Business Android TabletPC

Introducing the new 7” capacitive touch display water resistant media tablet from MiTAC. Ulmo is rugged design with IP54 rating whilst also being drop proof. With its detailed industrial and mechanical design, the Ulmo keeps the high performance media tablet in a fashionable and durable housing which is great for outdoor activities. For a better audio and video experience, Ulmo allows users to experience high definition (HD) content on the device. With the provision of 1080p HD video playback and stereo speakers and using the High Definition output port, it can display content on larger HD screens.

● High performance media tablet with rugged design with IP54 rating
● Drop proof of 1M
● Dual Cameras with flash light for taking photos and video conferencing
● Speakers for high quality audio playback
● 7” capacitive touch screen tablet for great mobility
● True HD 1080P Video Playback & Output
● High capacity battery for an entire days use
● Android 4.0 support

Mitac ULMO (7″ Android TabletPC, Waterproof IP54, Ruggedized, 1Ghz/512MB RAM, WLAN/BT/3G)

pico-SAM9G45, ARM Pico-ITX mainboard for Linux and Android

pico-SAM9G45 is an ARM based mainboard in Pico-ITX format with many features and functions. pico-SAM9G45 is highly extensible and permits adding many features and interfaces. This system board is at the core of a series of small, low cost systems with touch screen displays, oriented towards modular hardware I/O configurations.

pico-SAM9G45 (ARM9, 256MB RAM, Mini-PCIe, LAN, Linux/Android, pico-ITX)

OpenUPS. Any input. Any output. Any Battery.

The OPEN-UPS was designed to provide user specified regulated power output from a wide input voltage, battery backup, multi-chemistry charging and cell balancing in a single PCBA. The unit automatically switches the power path in between Battery and Main DC input and provides buck/boost output regulation.

Open-UPS provides the following features:
– Intelligent UPS, USB interface, SMBUS slave and I2C master
– Input 6-34V, Programable output 6-24V
– Support f. Li-Ion, Li-Po, LIFEPO4, Lead Acid,…
– Accurate Fuel Gauge

OpenUPS (6-34V Input 6A, 6-24V Output 10A, programable backup-interface)

RuggedPad 10-inch Convertible PCs

Actually, this PC is designed for children (under the Intel Classmate project). As a result, this convertible netbook is also ideal for applications in difficult environments. The PC is designed for everyday use, the housing is shock resistant and of high quality workmanship and value. Careless handling can not harm the system. Therefore the RuggedPad is also suitable for eg. car workshops and mobile use.

Comparison to RuggedMate Basic :
– 2GB instead of 1GB RAM
– 1366×768 HD TFT instead of 1024×600 SD TFT
– 6-cell-battery instead of 3-cells
– 2MP camera instead of 1.3MP
– Prepared for 3G-modem card
– Additional HDMI output

RuggedPad BASIC (Convertible, 10″ Touchscreen, 1.6Ghz, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD, WLAN)
RuggedPad PRO (Convertible, 10″ HD Touchscreen, 1.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, WLAN, BT)

Jetway JBC362F36W-2600-B Cedar Trail-M barebone with 2x Gigabit LAN

Another fanless Intel Atom based Mini-barebone has found his way into our product range : Jetway JBC362F36W-2600-B is equipped with the new Cedar Trail-M N2600 CPU and 2x Gigabit LAN.

Jetway JBC362F36W-2600-B (Intel Atom N2600 1.6Ghz, WLAN, 2x Gigabit LAN) [FANLESS]

CarPC JoyCon EXR Steering wheel remote controller interface

CarPC JoyCon EXR converts car steering wheel remote controllers into a PC USB keyboard. You can control MediaPlayer or front-ends (eg. CentraFuse) with your steering wheel audio remote controller. As the buttons of your steering wheel controller are mapped to PC keys of your choice, you will be able to control any software which can be controlled with PC keys from a keyboard.

JoyCon EXR is the succesor model to JoyCon and comes with these new features:

1. Exr has 4 input channel
A,B channel has 12 buttons respectively.
C,D channel has 2 buttons respectively.
The first version had only one input channel.

2. Long and Short button for one physical button
Long button and short button enables one physical button works as different two button.
The critical time and the duration of each button can be configured by the user.
The first version had only one long button, but Exr supports long and short button for each buttons of Channel A/B.

3. Auto Detect
User can configure the resistance value of each button easily with “Auto Detect”.

4. Rearview
Rearview pops up when Channel C detects reversing light signal.
Any USB camera or USB capture device can be used for rearview.

5. Increased mainboard compatibility
Exr solved many boot troubles and resuming troubles with the recent mainboards.

6. Online firmware update
If a user has any trouble with his new mainboard or he find a bug, we solve the trouble and release the fixed firmware, so that the user can update the firmware in the JoyCon Explorer by internet easily.

7. App link
Application launches and pops up with preset switching by pressing a button.
And “Track top windows” enables automatic preset switching when the top window is changed.
“Track top windows” is very useful for touch screen user.

8. Supports not only keyboard but also HID remote controller
HID remote controller enables system volume control, system power control(power off/sleep), media player control.

9. Button Speech
Button speech(also OSD) can be configured for each button.

10. 2 programmable external LED port.

CarPC JoyCon EX (Steering wheel remote controller interface)

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