Carputer Products – October 2012

Carputer Products – October 2012

Smartphone Uplink display for Android and iPhone

The new Smartphone-Uplink Display SPU700 is the ideal display and control tool for your smartphone. The large touchscreen allows you to operate your smartphone comfortably and reliably with your fingers. The brilliant HDMI display ensures maximum readability and sharpness.

Smartphone Uplink SPU700 7″ Touchscreen Android/iPhone

FleetPC-4-B, Modular Intel Atom D2550 CarPuter

This CarPuter was especially designed for fleet applications. The CarPuter can be connected directly to the car battery (12V/24V). Based on ignition plus, the PC will start and shutdown.For a full CarPuter you need in addition :
– 2.5″ HDD/SSD or CompactFlashThe CarPuter is completely fanless and is equipped with an Intel Atom (D2550) 2×1.86GHz CPU and 2GB RAM.Available additional modules:
The PC comes with 4x antenna-output and 3x Mini-PCIe slots (1x occupied by GPS module).
We recommend these modules:
HSPA / UMTS / EDGE Mini-PCIe Modem + GPS Combi card (Sierra Gobi2000)
Wireless LAN / Bluetooth Mini-PCI Express [Qcom Combo]Features :
– Fanless
– Intel Atom D2550 Mobile CPU
– Integrated, intelligent Automotive power supply
– 2x RS232
– GPS (Atheros III Chipset) – 2x Gigabit LAN
– Watchdog
– Prepared for GPS, WLAN, GSM/GPRS with ext. antennas
– 2 x DI / 2 x DO with Relay 12V / 100mA
– Vibration/shock testedFleetPC-4-B Car-PC (Intel Atom 2×1.86Ghz, 2GB RAM, Autostart-Controller, 9-32V Automotive PSU, GPS) [FANLESS]

Fanless enclosures for Intel DN2800MT and DQ67EP with Core i5-2400S

Today we present you 2 new Mini-ITX enclosures which enable you to take out the maximum out of your Intel Mini-ITX mainboards :

Blackpete-DN2800MT :
Maximum I/O ! That was the main idea when we developed this case for the Intel DN2800MT Half Height motherboard. Next to the ports directly on the motherboard, you will receive in addition:
– 2x COM
– 4x USB
– 2x mounting option for antennas

Chipset/CPU are connected directly to the housing with a massive heat sink for optimum heat dissipation. The housing may also be used as car-pc. For the optional DCDC-USB converter mounting holes are pre-installed ! (see 3D view for real life example)

Silvertati-DQ67EP :
This enclosure enables a fully fanless working PC with Intel DQ67EP Mini-ITX Mainboard and Intel Core i5-2400S CPU. Perfect for Car-PC, HTPC or Server applications.

Blackpete-DN2800MT Enclosure (for Intel DN2800MT Half-Height ITX)
Silvertati-DQ67EP (for Intel DQ67EP, Intel i5-2400S)

[UPDATE] PTV Fleet / Truck Navigator 7.5 for PC/PDA/PND and Android

New in Version 7.5 (30.10.2012):
– truck-resident restrictions can be optionally included in navigation.
– PTV Navigator truck is able to recognise when the destination and start addresses are located in areas of blocked access, e. g. pedestrian zones or factory grounds.
– in this situation, routing to the destination has been further optimised.
– cost-saving potential with the ”avoid toll“ setting
– due to the intelligent self- learning mode (ETA), time is calcula-ted on the basis of individual driving behaviour, resulting in a more accu-rate calculation of the time of arrival.
– route planning with approxi-mate stop-off points (fuzzy via)
– announcement of navigation instructions in off-road mode
– announcement of texts with Text2Speech
– display of other vehicles (bud-dies) with geofencing alerts
– only a few tags are sufficient to influence the routes.
– Map data 2012.2N

The navigation-software is available for PC and PDA and now also available for Android Smartphones/Tablets. And there are PND devices available with 7“ displays.


PTV FleetNavigator 7.5 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH), Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
PTV FleetNavigator 7.5 (Europe incl. Eastern europe, Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
PTV TruckNavigator 7.5 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH), Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
PTV TruckNavigator 7.5 (Europe incl. Eastern europe, Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]

PND devices
Android versions
Fleet/Truck Navigator 7.5 Update versions [PC/PDA]
Fleet/Truck Navigator 7.5 Update versions [PND]


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