CTFPND-1 V5, 7-inch PND with 800Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM and camera-option

CTFPND-1 V5, 7-inch PND with 800Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM and camera-option

CTFPND-1 V5 is a multimedia GPS navigation system with a large 7″ digital touchscreen of 800×480 resolution. The device is equipped with a very sensitive GPS module based on SiRFStar III 12 channels chipset. The device also has an integrated FM transmitter/modulator which will enable you to hear all sounds on your car speakers wirelessly.

Multimedia features allow to view movies and photos and to listen to music from the built-in speakers. The device supports all popular multimedia formats. As a memory expansion it uses SD/SDHC cards.¬† Your software (eg. navigation iGO, PTV Fleet/Truck Navigator,…) can be uploaded by USB to the internal 8GB flash or can be started from a SD card.

The CTFPND-1 V5 is a 7″ Touchscreen PND on Windows CE 6.0 basis with integrated GPS receiver. Therefor the CTFPND-1 is the perfect plattform for your telematics application. The extra-high native resolution of 800×480 enables a perfect viewing quality. The integrated RS232 interface can be used for external devices or for a TMC receiver.

Note : This PND is an offer primarily meant for business and project customers. End consumers should only consider purchasing this device when they have appropriate experience.

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[CTFPND-1] 7″ PND (FM, AV-IN, BT, 800×480, 800Mhz/256MB RAM)
Wireless rear camera system f. CTFPND-1 V4
GNS FM9 TMC receiver (for CTFPND-1 V4)
CTFPND-1 V4 bundles with PTV Fleet/Truck Navigator

CTFPND-1 V5 7" PND (FM, AV-IN, BT, 800x480, 800Mhz/256MB RAM/8GB Flash)

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