Nuvo-3005P/E Industrial PC with PCI-E or PCI cassette/box

Nuvo-3005P/E Industrial PC with PCI-E or PCI cassette/box

Nuvo-3000 family of products incorporates the cutting-edge processor technology and Neousys’ innovative Cassette architecture to construct a truly reliable and versatile embedded controller. Its 3rd-Gen i7 Quad-core processor delivers tremendous boost of computing power as well as significant improvement of graphics performance. This platform also natively supports new features such as triple independent display outputs and USB 3.0.

Inheriting the heritage of proven Nuvo series, Nuvo-3000 is extremely reliable mechanically and allows -25 to 70°C operating temperature. Moreover, it comes with Neousys’ patent Cassette design. This unique expansion Cassette offers PCI/PCIe slot with minimal thermal interference between system and add-on card, so that your system can always operate in expected thermal condition. Or you can use Cassette to accommodate one 3.5” hard drive for storage expansion.

I/O functions on Nuvo-3000 are versatile. Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and triple independent display outputs are natively supported on Nuvo-3000. Its optional isolated digital I/O now supports Change-of-State interrupt to give more usability. We also introduce the function of intelligent ignition control to Nuvo-3000 to make it suitable for in-vehicle applications or carputers.

As the quad-core processor boosting performance, innovative Cassette increasing expandability, and ignition control bringing in-vehicle mobility, Nuvo-3000 is ready for arbitrary application requirements

– Intel® 3rd-Gen i7 Quad-core superb performance – Patent Cassette design for PCIe/PCI add-on card expansion
– Integrated 5x GigE ports, supporting 9.5 KB jumbo frame
– Rugged, -25 °C to 70 °C fanless operation
– Intelligent ignition power control for vehicle applicatio
– VGA/DVI/HDMI multiple display outputs
– 4x USB 3.0 ports + 4x USB 2.0 ports
– Optional isolated DIO with Change-of-State interrupt support

For more details and configurations of this product, please visit:

Nuvo-3000E-IGN (Intel Core i5 / i7, 5x LAN, 1x PCIe Cassette) [FANLESS]
Nuvo-3000P-IGN (Intel Core i5 / i7, 5x LAN, 1x PCI Cassette) [FANLESS]

Nuvo-3005P-E Industrial PC with PCI-E or PCI cassette-box

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