NUC-UPS: 6-48V Input, 12V Output 5A, programable backup-interface in NUC format

NUC-UPS: 6-48V Input, 12V Output 5A, programable backup-interface in NUC format

NUC-UPS was designed to provide regulated power output from the widest input voltage (6-48V) or battery backup, microprocessor assisted Li-Ion battery charging and cell balancing in a single PCBA. Battery cells are inserted in the device, no need for special cabling between cells and UPS.

The UPS contains a 60V synchronous buck-boost converter with high accuracy voltage and current regulation and automatic system power path selection from adapter or battery. It charges the battery in three phases: preconditioning, constant current mode and constant voltage mode.

NUC-UPS has Windows support and API allowing developers to interface to custom applications.

Output and settings can be monitored via custom software applications, 2nd battery status shows on all Windows systems. Windows detects device as “Battery”, no special drivers required.

Features List:

– USB interface, works with Windows devices (Linux API planned)
– Input between 6-48V
– Programmable thresholds, timings and configuration modes
– Generates regulated 12V output voltage
– Output current 5A continuous, 6A peak
– Supports Li-Ion (3.7V) battery chemistry
– 3 state charger (precharge, constant current, constant voltage)
– Battery balancing, 4S configuration
– Charge voltage 4×4.2V, charge current 1A, precharge current ~0.3A
– Coulomb counting
– Battery temperature monitoring for each cell and temperature compensated charge
– Start/Stop button and header
– Motherboard ON/OFF pulse control
– Motherboard detection by power consumption or 5VUSB presence
– Missing battery cells detection
– Ultra low power consumption(5uA- in Deep Sleep mode) or (250uA- in Standby mode)
– Windows detects device as “Battery”, with no special drivers required

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NUC-UPS (6-48V Input, 12V Output 5A, programable backup-interface, NUC format)

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