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Sam’s (old) Intel MacMini Carputer Setup in Subaru WRX

This is the last of 5 articles about the Sam’s carputer. It has all the good stuff like pictures of the final install. If you want more background and information, videos of the front end in action, pictures of the car ripped apart for the install, check out the first four articles. Some final pictures of the carputer and a video for your viewing pleasure.

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Custom iPad Mount for Car Dash

Justin Riley has fabricated a really well finished bolt-in kit for the iPad. (wifi or 3g). This particular kit fits into the 2005-2007 Subaru Impreza/WRX and STi. (They all have the same dash). This bolt-in kit is a 1:1 replacement for the stock dash. Basically just pop out the old one, and put this in […]

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